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We provide WeChat development for different industries、AppDevelopment、Website system development, etc,Focus on software custom development,Don't set of templates。

Project service experience for many years,To design and Internet technology perfect union,Create great personality、Has the product value of user experience。

WeChat developmentWeChat public number、A small program development
AppDevelopmentiOS AndroidSoftware development
The website construction

Shopping mall、Financial investment、Education and training

The cashier system、Social life

Develop high quality products,Provide considerate service,Create value for customers。

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Big creek town union management system cloud platform
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Our team

As an innovative technology companies,Have a full of youthful spirit、The high quality、Younger、Professional development team,Vigorous development for the company to provide a steady stream of energy and power。Our pursuit of quality,Strive for progress,Go beyond yourself。We respect every time cooperation opportunities and challenges,Continuously improve,Strive to perfect。Team adhering to the focus、Professional design service thought,Dig deep customer demand,Strive to design and develop high quality products。

The project manager

1、Listen to customer needs and serious mining and analysis,Help team members to understand the customers' requirements;

2、The overall architecture design system,Define the basic norms(Design specification,Develop specifications);

3、Participate in the server、The client software architecture design work,Control the project schedule,Projects of all kinds of problems;


1、Deep understanding of requirements,UIGrasp the design style;

2、Make the enterprise own design for the customer,Through the visual codes,Let users can quickly remember the brand;

3、Thinking to improve the user experience,Put forward constructive opinions,For team reference;

Research and development

1、Deep understanding of requirements and design scheme,The server software architecture,Guarantee the reliability of the design of the server;

2、Based on the multiple languages,The development of core modules for server,One-stop solution;

3、Repeated tests,The pursuit of perfection product experience;

To join us

Taizhou joy a software co., LTD is a professional information service of the company,And have their own strong

The development team,The main content of the project“All kinds of custom software development、APPCustom development、Micro

Public platform development、Mobile Internet development、Self-employment development plan”And so on,The company has the independent

Entrepreneurship development projects,Also provide software custom development services for all walks of life,Always adhere to the“Not false

Offer,Don't cut corners,Transparent process”The service idea,Grasps“A product,Must belong to the pure

Product”Style,Committed to become a leading software development service providers。

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200How the customer experience


6Years of technology development


Thousands of successful cases

The professional team,Accurate and efficient make our unremitting efforts,

Customer satisfaction is our common goal

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